Kempo Karate Training

“No one can train for you.”

Kempo karate training develops the body, mind and spirit.

Body – The body is made strong through physical conditioning. Strength , endurance and cardio-vascular health has intrinsic benefits and is essential for increasing ones chances of survival in a crisis or life-and-death self-defense situation.

Every one trains to their own level, which means when exercising, each student does as much as he or she can do and measures their improvement for class to class.

You will notice an amazing improvement following consistent training over three weeks.

Mind– Matrix Kempo Karate provides training in the internal arts of Meditation, Chi Gong (the ancient Chinese Art similar to Thai Chi that develops Chi power energy).

“Mind like water not like ice,” is an ancient phrase that describes how Kempo Karate teaches mental flexibility and a sharpening of perception that improves our ability to adapt to life’s challenges.

Spirit- Understanding one’s true nature, building self confidence, cultivating respect and humility assures that The Martial art of Kempo will be used for protection of the innocent against wrongful acts of aggression.

When Body, Mind and Spirit become unified, an amazing sense of well being can be achieved.

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